5 Reasons to Use Professional Listing Photography

HDR Real Estate Photography shot/edited by MLM


Whether you’re a real estate agent or a homeowner, you know that the first impression is everything. The most important part of selling your home is the listing photos. In fact, studies show that homes that have professional listing photography sell faster and for more money than those with amateur photos.

In this post, we’ll look at five reasons why hiring a professional photographer to take your listing photos will help sell your home faster (and for more money). Let’s dive right in!

1. Listing Photos Sell Homes

Professional listing photos sell homes. Period.

A picture is worth a thousand words and the right property photograph can make a huge difference in the sales price of your home. Professional listing photos show off your property at its best, highlighting its features and benefits to potential buyers. Better photos mean more buyers, which means higher prices when you sell your home!

2. Professional Photos Make a Great First Impression

Professional photos make a great first impression. If you’re hoping to sell your home quickly, it’s important to consider the impact that professional photography will have on your listing. Professional listings get more traffic, views and showings than those that use amateur photography.

When potential buyers are browsing online, they rely heavily on images of homes in order to determine whether or not they should schedule an appointment with an agent or broker to view the property in person. The right photos can entice a buyer into taking action while poor quality images may turn them away entirely — this is especially true if they were expecting something better (such as professional photos).

3. Images on Real Estate Websites Work

The photos on a real estate website are the first thing people see. They’re like an initial impression and can make or break a sale. This means that you need to have professional photos that are consistent with your listing description.

Professional photography is important because it helps buyers visualize themselves in a home before they even visit it in person and gives them confidence about their purchase decision by presenting what the home looks like from the outside, inside and outside again if applicable (more on this later).

4. Show You Care With a Professional Marketing Plan

  • Professional photos are more likely to be viewed by potential buyers.
  • Professional photos are more likely to be shared on social media.
  • Professional photos are more likely to be featured in online listings.
  • Professional photos show potential clients and buyers the level of commitment you have for your business.
  • Sellers want to work with agents who provide the most wholesome marketing package.

5. Hiring a professional photographer will help sell your home faster.

When it comes to the importance of having professional listing photos, there are several reasons why you should choose a photographer who specializes in real estate photography. Not only will they help you sell your home faster, but they’re more likely to be used by buyers. Professionally shot photos also have a higher conversion rate than amateur shots and can help you sell your home for more money. When you hire a professional photographer, he or she will also be able to identify any costly mistakes in the photos that could lead potential buyers away from purchasing your property—saving both time and money!

Investing in quality has a high-value return for your business: It helps attract potential buyers who might otherwise pass over your listing due to poor quality images; it increases buyer confidence in your home’s appearance; and it attracts serious investors looking for safe investments with high returns because they know what they’re paying for is worth it!


When you’re deciding whether or not to invest in professional photography for your listing, it is important to remember that photos matter. With the right images, you can make a great first impression and show potential buyers why they should buy your home. And if you want people to see those images—whether they’re on real estate websites or social media pages—you need someone who knows how to capture them with style and skill.

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